Donate a Deck


Help Games That Change provide a healthy distraction for families with seriously ill children by purchasing a deck of I'm Glad You Asked cards to donate to Ronald McDonald House Houston.



Caring for a seriously ill child is difficult, expensive and at times, terrifying. For more than 30 years, Ronald McDonald House Houston has been helping families with seriously ill children stay close together during these difficult times. By providing a “home away from home” while their child receives the treatment they need, Ronald McDonald House Houston is able to meet families’ most vital need for a place to stay while also providing opportunities to connect with other families facing similar crises. Together, we can continue to provide safety and comfort to these children and their families when they need it the most.

Games That Change is excited to offer families at Ronald McDonald House Houston a way to change the conversation during their stay by sharing donated decks of I’m Glad You Asked Cards to a family during their stay.


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