About Last Night!

Last night, we had a chance to pop-up at Les Femmes at Axelrad with others from Houston Women’s March. It happened on an evening when our country was responding to another incident of hate and doing its best remain whole.

Here’s what happened.

We met a various assortment of fellow humans and we invited them to connect with us over a game of I’m Glad You Asked. Each interaction led to a conversation we otherwise wouldn’t have had as well as so many laughs.

Guess what else.

Some of the folks who played with us, purchased cards and then set up their own games at Axelrad with strangers. We didn’t allow hate to be our story.

How awesome is that?

Who knew something as simple as a deck of questions could redefine human to human interactions?

We’re excited about last night, but we’re even more excited about all the other days and evenings to come.

Thanks to those who are out there helping us #changethegame!

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